About the Artist

I live and work in the quiet city of Canberra, inspired by birds and beauty, and intrigued by stories of myth, magic and metaphysics I hear on youtube. I create in many mediums, including collage, painting, drawing, songwriting and photography, and like to bring a little magic into reality.


In 2018 I initiated and exhibited in ‘Journeys’, a collaborative exhibition for Reconciliation Week at Belconnen Community Gallery. I also exhibited my ‘Dreamscape Labyrinth’ there – an interactive journey through dream images. I have designed many sets for local theatre and am currently completing a Masters in multi-disciplinary studies at ANU.

About the Exhibition

These paintings were inspired by the beautifully produced movie Mary Poppins Returns, an uplifting and moving adventure and a loving homage to the original movie. Mary Poppins comes back to 17 Cherry Tree Lane, bringing both calming order and wild imaginative adventure.


She teaches important life lessons, like how to look at problems from a different angle, how to follow your inner guiding light, and how to see the specialness inside people – “look inside the balloon”. Her presence restores balance, creativity, joy and optimism to the Banks household. “There’s nowhere to go but up!”

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