Angharad Dean

Angharad is a painter and a printmaker who focuses on images of the natural world.  Her paintings and prints look at the way time changes in space - rather than snapshots of the landscape they try to encapsulate the ebb and flow of light on water, land and in the trees. Occasionally this means the work does capture a still or shimmeringly hot moment. More often the colours flow, the eye is drawn into, up and across the image.


'It’s a personal narrative: the relationship between me and the things of beauty that surround me.  They speak to me and I listen and translate what I hear through my eyes into an image.  I work with my whole body as it is with my whole body that I see, feel, absorb my trees, water, sky, so I like to work most on big canvases, or equally, to carve into lino or wood.  It’s like poetry in motion, translating what I see and feel into a 2 dimensional image.'

In 2005, after an insanely busy and long career as a town planner, Angharad took up the apparently inevitable call of her genes.  She turned from working with people and landscape (taking a 4 dimensional view of the world) to capturing the immediacy of light, colour and movement in 2 dimensions: now she attempts to capture the 4th dimension – time - in the medium of the 2nd.  Her initial training as a designer has enabled her to see the world through an artist’s eyes and apply the techniques of colour and form to her chosen media of oils and print making.  She has exhibited widely in Canberra and the region and in 2015 was the recipient of the ACT and Catchment Groups Art Prize, Best in Show for her work ‘In Search of Lost Time’ and in 2017, the Artist’s Society of Canberra’s First Prize in Printmaking.

Angharad started experimenting with print making about 3 years ago and it quickly developed into an addictive passion.  She works in relief printing, carving detailed images into lino and wood, a very time consuming way of creating an image. Every block created is handprinted so that no two pieces of art are identical.  She has also expanded her repertoire to collagraphywhich is a form of printmaking where a 3 dimensional plate is created using natural and man-made materials (step one of the artistic process) and then the plate is inked up in interesting ways (step two, creating a monoprint). She then likes to combine both collagraphs and lino cuts in one artwork making unique pieces.

Featured Products

Butterflies in Wild Oats.jpg

Butterflies in Wild Oats

Handprinted Collagraph with Lino Cut and Chine Colle 37cmx32cm (Framed)

Caught in the Light.jpg

Caught In The Light

Handprinted Collagraph with Butterfly Chine Colle and Mono Print 37cmx32cm (Framed)