Angela Maher for Splatter

Over twenty years ago, Angela Maher planted the first seed to grow a design studio in Australia's capital city, Canberra.  Originally, the studio produced pottery and ceramic homewares, but expanded when Christopher Martin joined the studio, to create original artwork for children.  Angela's previous careers in public affairs, mass media campaigns, and as a teacher and performer, left her wanting to see where she could take this growing enterprise.  The Studio was invited to represent Australia in Singapore in 2007, where opportunities for the Company to publish children's books, manufacture and wholesale product based on their designs, and export original art and product around the world, winning them Australian Export Awards. As Managing Director, Angela had to step back from the blossoming business creatively, to focus on the business in South-East Asia, USA, China and Australia. After suffering a broken back though in 2015, Angela turned her attention to producing her own artwork again; this time focussing on painting abstract expression artworks using recovered or reclaimed canvas, paints and brushes.  Recovery was born. 

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