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About Us

Australian-owned, award winning art studio Splatter, has built a strong reputation and following, both in Australia and globally over twenty years, and has become a brand leader for unique original art and beautiful art-based products.  We are proud of our:

  • Creativity;

  • Clear business direction;

  • Strong personal customer focus;

  • Huge variety and affordability;

  • Our "Be the head, not the tail, of the tiger" attitude;

  • Bespoke customising service; and

  • Affordable and competitive pricing.

Christopher Martin's highly collected artwork is inspired, witty, simple in form and line, yet is still able to convey sophisticated character and depth. His original artworks are borne of his continuing love, since childhood, of cartoons and comics. His works are sometimes obtuse, other times just tongue-in-cheek, light-handed and smart, but they always make you smile.

Angela Maher established Splatter in 1996, after fruitful careers in marketing, publicity, publishing, film making, photography, music, entertainment and education. A highly visual person, Angela has always wanted to create beautiful, inspiring and meaningful art and products. A little offbeat, Angela's own style has always followed the "road less travelled", yet has always remained impeccably tasteful.